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Modified : 2018.02.08

Introduce data type.


Data type

namespace Protocol
    namespace DataType
        enum Type
            None                        = 0x00,     // none
            Ping                        = 0x01,     // ping
            Ack                         = 0x02,     // ack 
            Error                       = 0x03,     // error
            Request                     = 0x04,     // Request data of the specified type
            Message                     = 0x05,     // String data
            Reserved_1                  = 0x06,     // Reserved_1
            Reserved_2                  = 0x07,     // Reserved_2
            Monitor                     = 0x08,     // Monitoring value for debug
            SystemCounter               = 0x09,     // System counter
            Information                 = 0x0A,     // Firmware information
            UpdateLocation              = 0x0B,     // Firmware update position correction
            Update                      = 0x0C,     // Firmware update
            Encrypt                     = 0x0D,     // Firmware encrypt
            Address                     = 0x0E,     // Device address
            Administrator               = 0x0F,     // Obtain Administrator Permissions
            Control                     = 0x10,     // Control command
            Command                     = 0x11,     // Command

            // Light
            LightManual                 = 0x20,     // LED manual control

            LightMode                   = 0x21,     // LED mode
            LightModeCommand            = 0x22,     // LED mode, Command
            LightModeCommandIr          = 0x23,     // LED mode, Command, IR
            LightModeColor              = 0x24,     // LED mode 3 colors
            LightModeColorCommand       = 0x25,     // LED mode 3 colors, Command
            LightModeColorCommandIr     = 0x26,     // LED mode 3 colors, Command, IR
            LightModeColors             = 0x27,     // LED mode palette
            LightModeColorsCommand      = 0x28,     // LED mode palette, Command
            LightModeColorsCommandIr    = 0x29,     // LED mode palette, Command, IR

            LightEvent                  = 0x2A,     // LED event
            LightEventCommand           = 0x2B,     // LED event, Command
            LightEventCommandIr         = 0x2C,     // LED event, Command, IR
            LightEventColor             = 0x2D,     // LED event 3 colors
            LightEventColorCommand      = 0x2E,     // LED event 3 colors, Command
            LightEventColorCommandIr    = 0x2F,     // LED event 3 colors, Command, IR
            LightEventColors            = 0x30,     // LED event palette
            LightEventColorsCommand     = 0x31,     // LED event palette, Command
            LightEventColorsCommandIr   = 0x32,     // LED event palette, Command, IR

            LightModeDefaultColor       = 0x33,     // LED mode default 3 color.
            // status, setting
            State                       = 0x40,     // Drone status
            Attitude,                               // Drone attitude
            GyroBias,                               // Drone gyro bias
            TrimAll,                                // Drone trim all
            TrimFlight,                             // Drone trim flight
            TrimDrive,                              // Drone trim drive
            UserInterface,                          // User interface
            // Sensor raw data      
            Imu                         = 0x50,     // IMU Raw
            Pressure,                               // Pressure sensor
            Battery,                                // Battery
            Range,                                  // Range sensor
            ImageFlow,                              // Image flow
            CameraImage,                            // Camera Image
            // Input        
            Button                      = 0x70,     // button input
            Joystick,                               // joystick input
            // Devices      
            Motor                       = 0x80,     // Motor control and check current value 
            MotorSingle,                            // Single motor control
            IrMessage,                              // IR data send & recieve
            Buzzer,                                 // Buzzer control
            Vibrator,                               // Vibrator control
            // System log       
            CountFlight                 = 0x90,     // count of flight
            CountDrive,                             // count of drive
            // RF       
            Pairing                     = 0xA0,     // pairing
            Rssi,                                   // RSSI


Link that connects the structures associated with each DataType.

이름 대상 설명 구조체
None 0x00 - none  
Ping 0x01 A Communication verification Protocol::Ping
Ack 0x02 A Response to data receive Protocol::Ack
Error 0x03 - Error(reserve, Specify Bit Flag Later)  
Request 0x04 A Request data of the specified type Protocol::Request
Message 0x05 - String data  
Reserved_1 0x06 - Reserved_1  
Reserved_2 0x07 - Reserved_2  
Monitor 0x08 D Send array of values for debugging  
SystemCounter 0x09 A System counter  
Information 0x0A A Firmware and device information  
UpdateLocation 0x0B A Firmware update position correction  
Update 0x0C A Firmware update  
Encrypt 0x0D - Firmware encrypt  
Address 0x0E A Device address  
Administrator 0x0F - Obtain Administrator Permissions  
Control 0x10 D Control command Control::Double8, Control::Quad8
Command 0x11 A Command Protocol::Command
LightManual 0x20 A LED manual control Protocol::Light::Manual
LightMode 0x21 A LED mode Protocol::Light::Mode
LightModeCommand 0x22 A LED mode, command Protocol::Light::ModeCommand
LightModeCommandIr 0x23 A LED mode, command, IR Protocol::Light::ModeCommandIr
LightModeColor 0x24 - LED mode 3 colors  
LightModeColorCommand 0x25 - LED mode 3 colors, command  
LightModeColorCommandIr 0x26 - LED mode 3 colors, command, IR  
LightModeColors 0x27 - LED mode palette  
LightModeColorsCommand 0x28 - LED mode palette, command  
LightModeColorsCommandIr 0x29 - LED mode palette, command, IR  
LightEvent 0x2A A LED event Protocol::Light::Event
LightEventCommand 0x2B A LED event, command Protocol::Light::EventCommand
LightEventCommandIr 0x2C A LED event, command, IR Protocol::Light::EventCommandIr
LightEventColor 0x2D - LED event 3 colors  
LightEventColorCommand 0x2E - LED event 3 colors, command  
LightEventColorCommandIr 0x2F - LED event 3 colors, 커command드, IR  
LightEventColors 0x30 - LED event palette  
LightEventColorsCommand 0x31 - LED event palette, command  
LightEventColorsCommandIr 0x32 - LED event palette, command, IR  
LightModeDefaultColor 0x33 - LED mode default 3 color. Protocol::Light::ModeColor
State 0x40 D Drone status Protocol::State
Attitude 0x41 D Drone Attitude(Angle) Protocol::Attitude
GyroBias 0x42 D Drone gyro bias Protocol::GyroBias
TrimAll 0x43 D All trim Protocol::TrimAll
TrimFlight 0x44 D Flight trim Protocol::TrimFlight
TrimDrive 0x45 D Drive trime Protocol::TrimDrive
UserInterface 0x46 C User interface setting Protocol::UserInterface
Imu 0x50 D IMU(Accel, Gyro, Angle) Protocol::Imu
Pressure 0x51 - Pressure sensor data  
Battery 0x52 - Battery  
Range 0x53 - Range sensor  
ImageFlow 0x54 - Image Flow  
CameraImage 0x55 - Camera Image  
Button 0x70 A Button input Protocol::Button
Joystick 0x71 C Joystick input Protocol::Joystick
Motor 0x80 D Motor control and check current value Protocol::Motor
MotorSingle 0x81 D Single motor control Protocol::MotorSingle
IrMessage 0x82 D IR data send & recieve Protocol::IrMessage
Buzzer 0x83 C Buzzer control Protocol::Buzzer
Vibrator 0x84 C Vibrator control Protocol::Vibrator
CountFlight 0x90 D count of flight log Protocol::CountFlight
CountDrive 0x91 D count of dirve log Protocol::CountDrive
Pairing 0xA0 A Pairing Protocol::Pairing
Rssi 0xA1 - RSSI  

  • A: All device
  • C: Controller
  • D: Drone


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